2020 Kitchens Order Processing

The XpressPOS Kitchen Module will process any cabinet vendors catalog as long as they are developed with all the very basic parameters set correctly. All catalogs by the major vendors meet this standard.

WARNING: You must have the add-on 2020 license for XML (Application Integration). If you have not purchased this, please contact 2020 sales.

You must also have the Application Integration add-on program installed. This is available from the 2020 Support download site.

For the best results in the XpressPOS integration process follow these steps:



  1. Set the necessary 2020 Global options

    Bring up the Styles & Pricing form. Make sure that the Price Level is selected.


Also make sure that all Catalog Styles and Options are set.


  1. Set the Selling Price 

    There are three different places to set your selling price. 

    If you are using Rate Records for pricing and costing, select the proper rate record under the Catalog Charges tab.

    Otherwise, simply apply the discount factor for the Catalog under Catalog Charges.

    will bring through the 2020 selling price factors and apply them to each line item.

    You can also use the Design Charges, or both Design and Catalog charges.

     Set a default Selling factor by catalog or in the Summary Form for each order. (Not a very good option.)

    POS/ERP SYSTEM: Since many companies work on a Gross Margin or mark-up on cost bases, using a discount in 2020 can be troublesome.

    Since XpressPOS now allows you to get a quote into your main system in a minute, we suggest sending the list and cost to the system. Then, using the features of your main system, apply a markup on cost in the system and use your system's reports to give to the customer.

    This eliminates possible errors by eliminating the manual calculation of selling price from the 2020 list price.

  2. Run Application Integration Process

    XpressPOS V. 8.5.0 and later
    Improvements made in XpressPOS V . 8.5.0 enable it to be compatible with 2020 V .10 , and to make the setup as automatic as possible .

    There will be no XpressPOS on the Reports Menu. Use the "Application Integration" report.

    The Application Integration form should not need an y setting changes. If it does not look like the image below, then run the "Reconfigure 2020" function on the Kitchens General Tab in the Options & Settings.

    If you use appliance catalogs that you do not to processed into your main system, then check the Exclude - Appliances.

Multiple Catalog Processing. XpressPOS has a Multiple Catalog Processing option setting. This must be set in order to allow multiple Vendor catalogs to be processed at the same time in one file.

Multi-catalog processing requires that you use the 2020 Selling Price setting in XpressPOS , unless the catalogs have the same selling and cost factors.
  1. Run XpressPOS

    Make sure that the Run Program box has "XpressPOS by Saberis" selected as the default program.

    WARNING: If the 2020 Report menu does not have Application Integration as one of the reports, then you need to download it from the 2020 Web site and install it. Now, click on RUN. 2020 V10 ships with the Application Integration already installed.

    If the 2020 Catalog has not been assigned to an XpressPOS Catalog, the following form will appear.

    Click on "Yes". A list of catalogs that have been set-up in XpressPOS will appear. Select the appropriate catalog. If it is not there, Cancel and go to Options & Settings to add the required one.


    Click OK and the process form will appear for a few seconds.