SaberisConnect Support

The quickest and best way to get training and help for SaberisConnect is to click on the relevant menu item on the side bar. Our documentation will help guide you in system adminstration, configuration and our integration processes. Please refer also to our "Tips" section further below on this page.

If you still have problems, emailing is the next step. You will usually get a response in less than an hour. You can also reach us at (800) 387-7963 Ext 1 for Support.

Training Videos

We have created several videos to help you and your users get up and running with SaberisConnect. More videos will be added in the future. Click Here to access our training video page.

Quick Tips

The topics below can help make your integration process smoother for your users

  • Phrase Mapping can be used to significantly reduce the length of your item descriptions.
  • Update your Browser Settings so that your files are not automatically saved to the "Downloads" folder.