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Find out with our testimonials how our customers have reduced their costs by using SaberisConnect.

SaberisConnect is a tremendous time saver for our company! Its integration with our BisTrack software saves us valuable time by basically doing the work for us. And more importantly, it's very user friendly as well. It's a cost savings tool which I highly recommend.

Letha Newton

Exterior Door Manager, Builders Supply Company

SaberisConnect provides seamless integration between BisTrack (our business management software) and vendor quoting software from PGT & Andersen Windows. SaberisConnect enables us to import large, complex window quotes into BisTrack sales orders and purchase orders - in a fraction of the time it would take to manually key them in. SaberisConnect frees-up critical time for our team, so we can do a better job serving our valued customers every day.

Judy Schell

Window & Door Center Manager, Kimal Lumber & Hardware

According to Mills Judy, Outside Sales at Hyde Park Lumber, "Saberis is a game changer". Saberis brought an easy-to-implement solution that helped the company connect systems with key vendors that their employees use every day like Palmer-Donavin’s Connect Platform, E-Catalog for Doors, and 2020 Kitchen Design. Don Raake, Office Manager at Hyde Park Lumber added, "As far as we’re aware, other vendors selling similar items as Palmer-Donavin have not even started developing an online system. Our sales team tends to purchase from vendors who make things easier, and Palmer-Donavin’s integration with Saberis has made purchasing from them easy and effortless."

Hyde Park Lumber & Design Center

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Saberis is a unique system that integrates across the board with so many different modules and vendors that it makes the process from sales to purchase so much easier than having to type in all the information from one field or one software to another.

Their improvements over the few last years have been greatly appreciated by our entire sales force. This includes their Stealth technology, which greatly narrows the time frame to complete an order from its inception to the confirmation from the customer into our Bistrack system. With an order to Andersen, the time is pretty much cut in half.

The phrase mapping option really cleans up quote and sales order descriptions so well that there's no need to try and explain to the customer what they may or may not be getting: it sets up exactly what they need for that description of that specific product. It also eliminates a lot of the problems that we used to have, when you would have to manually transfer everything by typing all the information in the Bistrack system. That was just long and convoluted.

The Saberis software eliminates so much time and distress from the sales staff who are trying to get orders done and cleaned up so they can move on to the next project.

John Stucy

Kuiken Brothers