Stock SKU Integration

Saberis has the ability to pass your ERP SKUs when this information is provided in your vendor data.

You would need to first work with the vendor to see if they have an "import" feature for product information.

Depending on your POS/ERP system, the "Unit of Measure" (UOM) may be required. The values would need to match in this case - ex. If the POS/ERP defines the product's UOM type as "EA" for an "each", then the vendor software needs to be configured with the same code "EA".

Saberis has additional logic in place to provide a default "Special Order" SKU in the export file for items that have not been updated with the ERP SKU.

As well, your POS or ERP system may either "reject" a SKU that is not already created in their system, or replace the SKU with either a "comment" line or a default/"template" SKU value.