2020 Design Stealth Process for V11.12 and Later.

This section will show the very simple process to get the data from the 2020 Kitchen Design system to your ERP system without logging in to SaberisConnect.

If you still want to use the older Reports, Application Integration process for exporting a file and uploading it, then please click here .

2020 Export Process:

  1. Open the 2020 design that is to be processed through SaberisConnect.
  2. Make sure all the Styles (Global options) and pricing are set.
  3. Select Presentation and then click on Saberis. 
  4. The first time you use the Stealth App you will be required to enter your SaberisConnect login information,
    which will be saved in the App. Then click on Submit.

  5. You will then receive the message that your design data has been successfully exported to the SaberisConnect server. Click OK.

  6. Depending on your Point-of-Sale/ERP system, your order will either be in the ERP system, or ready to import into it.