Jeld-Wen Quick Quote Order Processing

Processing an order from the Jeld-Wen Quick Quote program through XpressPOS is a simple matter of four clicks.


To export an order:

  1. Highlight the order

  2. Select one of the three commands shown below in the two screen captures.





  1. When the Export Wizard appears, click on Export.

    The folder path must be the same as the Import file path set in XpressPOS Options & Settings for Jeld-Wen.

  2. To process the order using XpressPOS, go to the All Programs menu,
    Saberis XpressPOS 2006, and select XpressPOS 2006 for JELD-WEN.

  3. TIP: Right click over "XpressPOS 2006 for JELD-WEN" and Drag the item to your Desktop. Choose "Create Shortcut here"

  4. From the Select Import File window, select the order.

  5. The Process Summary form will appear. Edit the Cost Factor if necessary and click on Process.

  6. The order is then processed.

  7. Open your POS, ERP, or other main system and import the order.