Marvin OMS Data Settings

  1. On the Options & Settings form, select the Marvin OMS button on the left.

  2. Then Select the Configure button as shown below.


  1. The General Tab has one setting. You can turn the Summary form on or off. The main use of the Summary Form is to allow the user to change the cost and selling factor for a particular order. It is highly recommended that you leave this checked as you will see later on this page.

  2. The SKU Tab allows you to enter your POS/ERP system's valid default SKU for Marvin.

  3. The Description Tab has a Word Wrap option. Word Wrap is almost mandatory for all POS/ERP system.

    If you do not use "Word Wrap" the descriptions could be truncated. This is not normally recommended.

    Most Legacy POS/ERP systems are limited to 32 characters of imported description data. Word Wrap will create comment lines with the overflow.

    For BisTrack and the Saberis Standard XML export file format, set the "Length" to 254.
    Phrase Mapping is a very effective way to reduce the length of the description coming out of all Windows & Doors and Millwork quote systems. Please see the Phrase Mapping Instructions for all XpressPOS modules.

    Modify description: Marvin OMS descriptive data starts with "Quantity :x Mark Unit:" where x is the numeric quantity. There is an option to remove the Quantity and/or Mark Unit part of the description. Check the box and select one of the three options.

  4. The Pricing Tab allows for the costing of each item by entering a cost factor and checking the box. XpressPOS will apply the factor to the list price.

    You can also apply a selling factor, or leave it at 1.0000 which means list price will be sent to your POS/ERP system.

    The data from Marvin is list price only. Since cost factors vary by product line and selling factors may vary by order, it is recommended that these factors be set to 1.0000. When an order is processed, the Summary Form can be used to change the cost factor and the selling factor.

    Depending on the POS/ERP/Accounting system that you are sending the data to, you may want to just worry about cost and then "mark-up" in your main system to set the selling price.

  5. Click on OK to save the settings.


It is recommended that the user experiment with all the Options and Settings choices to determine what is best for your operation.