Andersen iQ Order Processing

Steps in running XpressPOS for Andersen Windows & Doors:

  1. Submit Order from within iQ
  2. Run XpressPOS
  3. Import order into POS system


  1. Submit Order from iQ: The first step is to submit the order. This can be done in one of the following ways:
  • Highlight the order you wish to process by clicking on it. From the quick menu across the top of the screen click on the “Submit” button (lightning bolt over an envelope).

  • Highlight the order you wish to process by clicking on it. Click on “Project” from the top menu bar and select “Submit Order”.


  • “Right-click” over the order you wish to process and select “Submit Order” from the right-click menu. Similar to the previous method.
  • Use the Ctrl-B quick keys.

When the "Submit Projects" form appears, select the File Type; Detailed Format as shown below.

Then click on Submit.



NOTE: The Summarized option is not recommended. There is no purpose in using it and Saberis does not verify the results.

If you think that the summarized form has shorter descriptions or handles Accessories better that the Detail form, please note that this is not an issue anymore. XpressPOS will perform the tasks of creating an Andersen order the way you want it.


The Save As form comes up with the Andersen iQ folder as a default.

Although you can save the xml documents to this folder, it is not recommended. You can save them to any folder you want. One recommendation is to create a folder named "export" under the Andersen iQ folder.

Just "Right click" in the white space as shown below and select NEW on the pop-up menu and the Folder. Name it export.

Then Open the export folder and save the file to the new export folder and name the file XpressPOS (this assume you have not changed the name of the XpressPOS Import file name in the XpressPOS Options and Settings).

(Windows Vista Save As form is shown)


NOTE: Avoid multiple-order submission from iQ

Selecting multiple orders to submit at one time from within iQ would result in a single XML output file containing all orders. At this time XpressPOS is designed to work on a single order only and therefore would lose information. If you are submitting more than one order, then go through the process of submitting the first one, running XpressPOS, and then import into your POS system. Once the first order has been completely processed, start over by repeating the same process with the next order.


  1. Run XpressPOS

The program can be called from the windows start menu. From Start, go to All Programs, then Saberis XpressPOS 2006, and click on XpressPOS 2006 for Andersen iQ.


TIP: Right Click on the above XpressPOS 2006 for Andersen iQ menu command and Drag-and-Drop a short-cut on the Desktop. This will create a faster and easier way of running XpressPOS for Andersen iQ.

The XpressPOS process form will appear for a few seconds.