Vendor Module Settings

Most of the Modules are similar, but they may have variations in the settings. Some, such as 2020 Kitchens, Andersen iQ, and Marvin OMS, have additional options and/or settings in SaberisConnect or the Vendor Quote/Order system.

The pages in this section will cover these settings.

TIP  Most Module settings  are the same and are pre-set by Saberis. That is, most Vendor data has cost and selling and therefore no factors are needed. So the only changes that have to be made may be Default SKU and the Default Customer setting for BisTrack users.

The exceptions are for 2020 Kitchens and some of the vendors who integrate with our Saberis Standard or Excel modules. Note that JELDWEN does not include cost and selling in the QQE files but will include these values if you use , and Marvin.