Vendor Integration Process

This section will show the step-by-step process to get the data from the Vendor quote/order, design or estimating system.

Basic Process:

The basic process is the same for most Vendor Modules except Marvin OMS. Please select the Module on the left Menu to see the specific Vendor export process.

Vendor Quote/Order System
  • Open or sign into Vendor system
  • Find Quote or Order
  • Select Order
  • Export or Submit the Quote/Order
  • Save the file to a folder that is easy to reach from the SaberisConnect upload browser 

TIP It is recommended that the files from all vendor systems be downloaded to the same, easily accessed folder. Consider creating a new folder under the C: drive called VendorSaberisData

  • Log into your account
  • Process New Document
  • Select Module
  • Choose File
  • Find the file in the "Open" form and double click on it or highlight it and "Open"
  • Click on Process Document
  • Change any Cost and/or Selling Factors as needed for the particular Vendor Module
  • Click on Save
  • If FTP is used to transfer the file, skip to POS/ERP Import
  • Click on the "Processed File" 
  • Save it in a folder where the POS/ERP Import process can find it.

POS/ERP Import
Depending on the POS/ERP system, you will either import the file or it will be in the system waiting for approval.
Please see the support pages for the import process for your System.