Silverline Order Processing

Before you process the order, click here to set up the "Submit" feature in the EdgeNet m2o software for Silverline.


To create the export data you will need to use the "Submit" feature in Silverline.

To process the order using XpressPOS:

  1. Bring up the order or quote in Silverline.

  2. Submit the order using the "Submit" icon or command. 

    WARNING: Make sure you do not submit it to Silverline.

  1. Always save the file to the same name. That name has to be the same as you set in the Options & Settings form. In our sample it was xpresspos.xml.

  2. Select Saberis XpressPOS 2006 on the menu.

  3. Select XpressPOS for Silverline.

TIP: Right click over "XpressPOS 2006 for Silverline" and drag the item to your Desktop. Choose "Create Shortcut here".

XpressPOS will process the order that was exported from Silverline and save it in the XpressPOS Import folder path.

  1. If you have the Summary form option checked, then the Summary form will appear.

    You have the option to change the cost factor and selling factor for the current order.

    Click on Process to complete the creation of the order file for the POS/ERP system.

    You can also change the export file name. If you have no need for these options, uncheck the check box on the bottom left side of the form.

  1. The XpressPOS process form will appear for a few seconds.

  2. Open your POS, ERP or other main system and import the order.