Millwork Development Export Process

Millwork Development has gone STEALTH!

No exporting, no uploading and no need to process. It is all done for you!

  1. Bring up the Project in the Vendor Electronic Catalog.

  2. If this is the first time using a vendor's Millwork Development system, the click on the Utilies Menu command and then select "Configure SaberisConnect".

  3. Enter your SaberisConnect email or User Name in the User id box. Then enter your SaberisConnect password and then Valdate Credentials. Your credentials will be saved.

    Now Upload Order. 

  4. The Quote or Order has been "pushed" to the Saberis server and processed.

    If you have an ERP system that can be setup to either "pull" from our server the documents or Saberis can "push" to the ERP server, then the process is fully Stealth.

    If not, you will have to login to SaberisConnect and manually save the document to a folder for importing into your ERP system.
  5. The second time you use the vendor's Millwork Development, you can use the SaberisConnetc button on the bottom menu.

Now go to your ERP system if the system is "pulling" down orders from the Saberis Server or Saberis is "pushing" orders into the system.

If your system does not do teh above, then log into your SaberisConnect account and youe will see the quote/order already processed and ready for downloading.