Marvin OMS Order Processing

Before you can process any order from the Marvin OMS program,  the user needs "permissions" to access the data on Marvin servers. There is a permission called Export BackOffice, and it is set up through the Marvin Access System. If you buy from a distributor, you may have to contact their OMS support team.


In addition, the XpressPOS Marvin OMS Module has DLLs that must be manually installed. Please see "How to Manually Register Marvin OMS".

When this is done, you are ready to process orders to your POS/ERP system.


In order for XpressPOS to get the data from Marvin OMS, you must have created an order in the Marvin system. Quote data is not available.


This leads to a dilemma. You do not have a PO number from your POS/ERP system until you import the data, so you cannot convert the quote to an order. In the past you would have to create a "blank" PO in the POS/ERP system, get a PO number, and then enter it into the Marvin system. You would then have to run XpressPOS and import the order into your POS/ERP system then somehow "merge" the data into the "blank" PO.


Marvin has addressed this problem by allowing an order to be created in Marvin without a PO Number. This will allow XpressPOS to "go get the data" and process it to your main system.


After you create a PO in your system, you then go back to the Marvin system and enter your PO number. The Marvin system will then move the order into production.


Please contact your Marvin OMS support contact for help with this procedure: or 877-846-5728


To process the order using XpressPOS:

  1. Go to the All Programs menu

  2. Select Saberis XpressPOS 2006 on the menu

  3. Select XpressPOS 2006 for Marvin OMS

TIP: Right click over "XpressPOS 2006 for Marvin OMS" and drag the item to your Desktop. Choose "Create Shortcut here".

  1. The Marvin Web Service Settings form will appear. The first time you use it, you will have to fill out the Username and Password. Then enter the Marvin order number and click OK. XpressPOS will access the Marvin server and "bring down" the order data.

    If you get system errors, refer to the first two paragraphs at the top of this page.

TIP: If you want to re-process an order without having XpressPOS download it from the Marvin server again, you can check the "Reprocess Order" box and then OK.

  1. When running Marvin, you should have the Summary form option checked (see Options & Settings Marvin General Tab), then the Summary form will appear.

    Enter the applicable cost factor and selling factor for the current order.

    Click on Process to complete the creation of the order file for the POS/ERP system.

    You can also change the export file name and customer number.

  2. The XpressPOS process form will appear for a few seconds.