Marvin Integration Process

This section will show the step-by-step process to get the data from the quote/order system to SaberisConnect. In the case of Marvin OMS, no download is required. SaberisConnect will connect to the OMS server using their Web Services, and retrieve the data for the Marvin order.

Before you can process any orders from the Marvin OMS program,  the user needs "permissions" to access the data on Marvin servers. There is a permission called Export BackOffice, and it is set up through the Marvin Access System. If you buy from a distributor, you may have to contact their OMS support team.

In order for SaberisConnect to get the data from Marvin OMS, you must have created an order in the Marvin system. Quote data is not available. There will be a Marvin PO for every product line in the quote.

This leads to a dilemma. You do not have a PO number from your POS/ERP system until you import the data, so you cannot convert the quote to an order. In the past you would have to create a "blank" PO in the POS/ERP system, get a PO number, and then enter it into the Marvin system. You would then have to run the SaberisConnect process and import the order into your POS/ERP system, then somehow "merge" the data into the "blank" PO.

Marvin has addressed this problem by allowing an order to be created in Marvin without a PO Number. This will allow SaberisConnect to "go get the data" and process it to your main system.
After you create a PO in your system, you then go back to the Marvin system and enter your PO number. The Marvin system will then move the order into production. Please contact your Marvin OMS support contact for help with this procedure.
When you process the order you will enter your Marvin User Name and Password. Then enter the Marvin order number. 

When you click on Process Document, SaberisConnect will access the OMS server and "bring down" the data.