Brosco Xpress+ Order Processing

To process the order using XpressPOS:

  1. Select the Order Tab in Brosco XPress+.

  2. Select an Order.

  3. Under Documents for ID ...., select the XML icon.


  4. In the "Enter name of the file to Save to...", you have two choices. If in XpressPOS Options & Settings, the "Import Setting" is set to "Use a default import file", then rename the file to what is in the default name text box (EX: xpresspos.xml).

    The second method is to choose "Select the import file at runtime". This means that you can just save the BROSCO XPress+ file to the name that BROSCO generated, which contains the BROSCO Order Number (EX:03POR_81565). XpressPOS will popup a "Select file" window in the folder indicated in the "Import file path" box. 

    Please Note: It is recommended for BROSCO XPress+ that the "save" folder you export the BROSCO XML document to be a folder that is not located under Program Files or Program Files (x86). The user may not have the rights to write to that folder. (Ex. Windows 7 & 8)

  1. Select Saberis XpressPOS 2006 on the menu.

  2. Select XpressPOS 2006 for Brosco+.

TIP: Right click over "XpressPOS 2006 for Brosco+" and Drag the item to your Desktop. Choose "Create Shortcut here".

XpressPOS will process the order that was exported from BROSCO XPress+ and save it in the XpressPOS Export folder path.

Open your POS, ERP or other main system and import the order.