Atrium Process

There are two ways to import Atrium quotes through Saberis for processing into your POS/ERP system.
Method 1 - Quote Export process: Atrium can activate a "quote export" feature for Window Wizard.

This allows a user to download a text file for processing in SaberisConnect.

Please contact to activate this feature.

To download the file, open a quote in Window Wizard. In the header you should see an "export" icon to the right of the "printable view" button:

Method 2 - Overnight Batch process: Atrium runs a batch process over night. The orders are batched by the dealer customer.

Saberis developed a "work around" for this type of data because Saberis and our partner ERP systems are wanting one quote/order at a time.
Before you can process Atrium quotes or orders, you must complete the following steps. You will need assistance from your IT Administrator:
  1. Contact Atrium to request access to their FTP download server so you can "pull" down the necessary files that were processed during the night. A free program is available to access the Atrium FTP Server called FileZilla. Most IT personnel know about it and can set it up. Ask them to show you how to transfer the files to a folder on your drive or network. 
  2. Download, the special "splitter" program from Saberis to process the Atrium files. Depending on your Windows version or your browser, you may get a warning that the file is unsafe. Open it anyways. 
    Extract all the files to the same folder that the Atrium files are in. 
    This creates a separate file for each order per customer. (Atrium files can have multiple orders in each customer order file).

This section will show the step-by-step process to get the data from Atrium to a folder where you can upload it to SaberisConnect.  

  1. Run FileZilla and select the Quickconnect for Atrium that your IT Admin setup.

  2. Select the files that you want to download. Drag them from the "Remote site" box to the "Local site". In the example below we dragged them to the D:\AtriumSaberisFiles folder.

    The highlighted files are the ones that came from the Atrium FTP server. They are names with the customer number followed by the data that Atrium created.

  3. Double click on Atriumfilesplitter.exe (application) and the "Open" form pops up. Select the desired customer order file and click Open. 

  4. A file for each of the customer's orders is created.  In the example below, the yellow highlights the original file that was selected above and the blue ones are the two orders that were created for SaberiConnect.  

    Please note the naming, customer number followed by the order number. Be careful to upload these ones and not the ones that have the date in the file name.

    It is advisable that you delete the .txt files often.

Now go to your account on SaberisConnect to complete the task.