Andersen iQ Submit Process

NOTE Andersen iQ has been replaced by iQ+, a web based configuration platform that includes Saberis Stealth integration. Please refer to our Andersen iQ+ Process page for more information.

This section will show the step-by-step process to get the data from Andersen iQ to a folder where you can upload it to SaberisConnect.

TIP  Do not "Export" the Project. That will give you the "CIP" file. SaberisConnect needs the XML file from the Submit process.

The Submit process can be done four different ways.Highlight the Project first and then:
  1. Click on Submit on the Icon Bar.

  2. Right Click on the highlighted Project and select Submit Order from the drop down menu.

  3. Select Project on the Menu Bar and then select Submit Order from the drop down menu.

  4. Press Ctrl-B.

The Submit Projects Form (Window) will pop-up. Some Andersen Dealers will have two check boxes.

TIP  If you have a "Purchase Order" check box on the left beside the "Submit Internal" box, uncheck it so you don't submit an order to Andersen.

Click on the Submit Order Button

The "Save As" window will appear.

Find the folder where you want to save the Vendor files to. In this sample we are saving it to VendorSaberisData folder under the C: Drive root.     

Now give the file a name. In this sample we gave it the project name, "Sample Project". You could simply name it Andersen. Choose a name that will make it easy to find when mixed in with other vendor files that may be saved to the same folder.

Now click on Save.

You will get this notice next:

Now go to your account on SaberisConnect to complete the task.