ECi Spruce Import Process

 If using the Saberis FTP to download the Saberis processed files, then you will need to set it to a server address that is accessible from the Saberis Server.

Spruce Import steps:

  1. Start a new order.  Enter a name and a job number.

  2. At the bottom of the page select the F2 import.  Then select Xpresspos. This will be changed to Saberis at sometime in the near future. 

  3. Click on the elipse button to select the file to be imported. Make sure a Template item is selected, Copy Costs is selected, and that there is a Comment Item SKU selected.

  4. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the SaberisConnect Processed File to. This will probably be on your desktop. Since Spruce is open on the Spruce server, navigate to your desktop which is usually setup by IT as "tsclient" under the Network.

    If your IT people have set up an FTP server for automatic downloads from SaberisConnect, the file will not be on your desktop. Check with your admin or IT.


  5. Before you click on Accept, select the Save Defaults button in the top right corner. This will save the path you selected as the default, along with the other settings.

  6. After clicking on Accept, all the items will be added to the order.