Eagle Import Process

Saberis uses the Eagle ESTU import funtion. Please verify that you have this feature from Epicor.
 Eagle has help available on their web site. Just type in ESTU in the search box. Set the "Directory that contains 3rd party transaction import files". This is normally C:\3apps\catapult\ESTU\ if on the desktop.
 If using the Saberis FTP to download the Saberis processed files, then you will need to set it to a server address.

Eagle Import steps:

  1. In POS/Order Entry, start a new transaction. Select the type and enter customer.

  2. From the Menu select Special Order and enter the customer code.

  3. Then select the Menu Command.

  4. Now Import Third Party Transaction File

  5. Select the transaction from the list.

  6. Click on OK to import the data.

    All the detailed description and pricing is now in Eagle.