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EdgeNet m2o Export Manager


This page will help you set up the "Submit" feature in the EdgeNet m2o software for either Silverline or Milgard. Both these systems use the Desktop/Server version of m2o.


  1. In the m20 software, select File and then Manage Export Settings.

  2. Select Add

  3. Type in XpressPOS

  4. On the Delivery Instructions, check theat it is set to Local File.

    The Default file location shown as a default may not even exist, so Browse and find it, or create it or use another folder.

    Now click on Define File Name.

  5. If there is already a "Custom eo" listed, highlight it and remove it.

    Now highlight the {Custom} on the left side, and click on Add>>. Enter the name, XpressPOS.

  6.  Uncheck the Counter Size box.

  7. Now notice the Sample Filename.

    Click on OK, then Next, Next and Finish to save the schema.

  8. Now in order to have the proper check box on the Submit form, select Manufacturer Solutions.

  9. In the section that has "Local" and not a submit to the manufacturer, select the dropdown.

  10. Select XpressPOS.

  11. Click OK to Save.







News Releases

▪ June 2, 2015

Saberis released XpressPOS Version 8.5.2 today.

Some of the features and fixes are:

  1. Especially for  Server set-ups, add the Windows User Name or Date & Time to the export file name.

  2. Marvin OMS Description option for the first line.

  3. Jeld-Wen Phrase Mapping fix.

  4. 2020 Kitchens V10 Application Integration Preference setting fix.

  5. The default file path for "Select the import file at runtime" can now be changed to the last path used.




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