Administrator Settings

After Saberis personnel sets up a SaberisConnect account for a customer's Administrator, they will send the Administrator their login information.

Upon receiving this information, the Administrator should login and immediately change their password.

The Administrator is responsible for:

    • Creating new user accounts and assigning their rights.
    • Setting the required export format properties.
    • Selecting the required Vendor Modules.
    • Setting all the Vendor Module options.
    • Creating Phrase Mapping for description length control. 

    Only a user with administrator rights can make setting changes.

    1. Time Zone Setting:

      The system may be defaulted to Eastern Time. The company setting can be overwriten by a User if they are in a different zone.

      There are two methods to change the Time Zone:

      1. Click on your User Name on the Menu bar.
      2. Click on the time zone next to the date.

    2. Account Admin:

      There are three important settings under Account Admin: Modules, Users, and Location. Location may not be useful for some ERP system. 

      1. Modules: The Admin can add any number of new Modules by checking the boxes. Your ERP provider or ERP Admin may have to do some setup in the ERP system.

      2. Users: The admin can add unlimited users. Anyone who is responsible for settings, especially for 2020 Kitchens, should be an Administrator.

      3. Locations: The admin can add the company locations.    

        This is used by BisTrack and Prosperity to direct the orders to the correct store or location. For other ERP systems it is not applicable.

        Click on create new. 

        Now enter the store name, the store branch code, and if necessary, the customer number. The default customer number can be used by BisTrack to control the process. 

        Don't forget to Update.

        Once you set up all your stores, then go back to the user list and edit each user. 

        Under each user you will find a location drop down menu. Select the correct location to be assigned to that user. 

        Now Update the user settings.