2020 Rate Records

2020 has "Rate" records. These records can be used to set both the cost and the selling factors for a catalog.

Why use them:

  • Rate records allow the Designer to set the cost or selling factors, or both, in 2020 based on who the buyer is and who the vendor is. They also allow for special cost factors if vendors have given a reduced factor for specific projects or builders.
  • If there is a contract with a buyer for a major project, management set the selling price based on a selling factor.
  • If a vendor has a promotion based on a design with specific options like door style, species, or finish, a rate record for the promotional is a simple method of setting the cost in 2020.
  • If rate records are used, the 2020 Cost/Sell report with profit margins can be used.
  • Maybe the most important use is to allow for a non intervention "Stealth" integration with SaberisConnect and the ERP system. That is if cost factors change frequently for the reasons above.

How to use Rate records:

  • Open the Styles and Pricing form under the Items tab.
  • Select the Catalog Charges Tab for the vendor catalog.
  • Select the Value drop down menu.

  • Select the correct rate record. The records shown above are quite often included by the vendor in their catalogs.

How to setup useful Rate records:

Now let us setup rate records for Builders, Contractors, Consumers, Promotionals, and a Special Project.

  • From the Windows Menu, open the Catalog Manager under the Design Menu.

  • Select the Catalog Charges Editor button and select the Rates tab.

  • Click on the drop down menu. and select the catalog.

  • If you get some sample Promotional records, edit them. If not, add new records.

  • Highlight the first record and select Edit. Now select the Description value box and press F2 to edit. Enter Consumer. Do the same for UserCode and FPlanDesc.

    It is recommended that all items have the same selling factor. If you use a different selling factor for accessories than for cabinets, you will get different results if the accessory is added as an accessory, or if it is added as an attachment. Attachments get the cabinet factor applied.

    Set the Overall discount factor (multiplier), and the Overall cost factor. All other values set to 1.

    If the user is to be allowed to also apply Discount/Surcharges in the 2020 Design Catalog Charges Menu, then set the MENUCH to 1. If MENUCH is 0, then the Discount/Surcharges menu will not be visible.

  • Repeat for example, Contractor, Builder, Promotional Maple, ABC Special Project. The only difference in the settings other than the price factors would be the MENUCH setting. You can "lock" down the selling and cost for Builder and the Special project because they are fixed by agreement.

  • Once these rate records are setup, then all the designer has to do is select the Catalog Charges tab in Styles and Pricing. Then select the correct Rate record in the drop down menu.

    In this example CONSUMER is selected.

  • If you need to edit the factors then click on Edit. Select the Variables tab and the Price. You can edit the Overall factors.

  • If you need to have 3 or 4 decimal places for cost factors, then you must do a "work around". Set the overall factor to 33.33 and set the cost factors for the cabinets and accessories to 0.01. 2020 will multipy the 33.33 by 0.01 to give you .3333. When the factors have to be changed, only the overall cost factors needs to be edited.

    If you are setting different factors for cabinets and accessories, then reverse the procedure. Make the overall 0.01 and the cabinets and accessories 33.33.

    If you need to also have 3 or 4 decimals for selling factors do the same.

    A more thorough document is available for download here . This document is courtesy of Kevin Roberts of Kev's Catalog Creations.
  • The biggest problem with 2020 Rate Records is the maintenance. The process has to be repeated everytime a new vendor catalog is installed. The best solution for this is to have a 2020 Catalog developer do the setup work and maintain them. A developer has full catalog tools from 2020. This allows them to copy and paste.

    A developer with the full catalog tools can also disable any setting above so the user cannot edit the values.

    If you want help, it is recommended that you contact Kevin Roberts at kevin@catalogpros.com.