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Seamless LBM vendor integration designed to save time on order entry and match products coming off the truck. We deliver simplicity to your building materials team.

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The Saberis software eliminates so much time and distress from the sales staff who are trying to get orders done and cleaned up so they can move on to the next project.

John Stucy
Window Sales and Logistics from Kuiken Brothers


Developed by the Saberis team, with over 20 years of integration experience, SaberisConnect is our cloud-based integration solution for the lumber and building materials industry. Integrate all your vendor quotation or order systems to your Point-of-Sale (POS) or ERP system.

We are family-owned-and-operated and strive to connect with both our client-base and our partners to best support them as they grow. Our team strongly believes in helping sellers boost productivity by eliminating middle steps they would otherwise be forced to carry out.

Stealth Integration

Stealth is a Saberis integration process that is virtually seamless. The user clicks on the Saberis button in the quote, design, or estimating system, and the quote or order then transfers into their Point-of-Sale or ERP system.

Stealth automated vendor integration means that there is no manual exporting, uploading, processing, or downloading necessary! This provides an enhanced user experience, minimizing training required, and brings their focus back to sales.

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Our Standard Subscription Pricing

  • Unlimited vendors
  • Unlimited users for each site
  • No up-front costs
  • No additional charges for set-up or support
  • No added fees for converting to Stealth Integration
  • No on-site installation required

Users may choose between 99 USD per month or 1150 USD per year for each sales site. Saberis also offers a 30 day free trial with the same benefits as listed above. For more information, please contact Saberis sales.

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