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1. Type “cmd” on the run line. Press “CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER” to run as administrator.


2. Change the directory to the Saberis folder.

EX: CD\Program Files\Saberis or to CD\Program Files (x86)\Saberis for 64 bit Windows. This is assuming that you used the default installation folder path.


3. Type or paste in (paste by right click, not Ctrl-V):

C:\windows\\framework\v4.0.30319\regasm.exe /codebase /tlb

It will throw a warning about “strong naming” but ignore that. It should say that the DLL was registered.

If the registration fails, it is probably due to the "blocking" of the dll by Windows security. To unblock the dll registration do the following:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the ...\saberis\folder: ""

  2. Right-click the "", and select Properties.

  3. On the General tab, click the Unblock button to indicate that the dll is trusted. Note: the Unblock button will not appear if the assembly is already unblocked and available.

  4. Click OK to close Properties dialog box.

  5. Now register the dll as shown in the Marvin OMS instructions above.


The user receives the following error:


In addition, in the ..\Saberis\xpresspos2006\importfiles\ folder there may be an XML file that has no data in it.



Getting no data could be a couple of different issues. 

1. The Marvin OMS module needs to be updated.

2. The username that you are logging in with does not have EXPORT BACKOFFICE permission, or it could be the wrong service (using beta instead of the production instance). 



1. Check the “Last Update” for Marvin OMS under the Options and Settings for Marvin OMS to verify that your version is October 30/2014 or later.

If it is older, open the XpressPOS Options and Settings, and click on the Utility button. Then click on Updates. You should get a download.


2. Test out the webservice credentials manually by opening up a web browser, and going to the link below.  Enter in the username and password to get in, then query by order number and see if you get an XML file.

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