SaberisConnect - May 2018 Deployment of Enhancements 

In response to user requests to improve some aspects of the SaberisConnect service, we have added the following: 

  1. The secure FTPS has been fixed. SFTP is not supported. Your FTPS server will need a recognized secure certificate.

  2. For BisTrack customers, we have added more "Per Upload Settings". These include:
    • Sales Person - Has been used for BisTrack work arounds. Can be left blank.
    • Store Number or Branch Code - To override BisTrack default settings. Can be left blank.
    • Sales Order Number - Enter an existing BisTrack sales order, and the current order will be merged into it. Can be left blank.
    • Sales Type - Only use to override BisTrack's normal process. Can be used to send imported data to a Quote or Estimate.

    Only BisTrack is "consuming" (using) the above data at the moment.

  3. A fix for the Gerkin Module.

  4. An enhancement for Huttig to pickup the Selling Price. This means that no selling factor has to be applied by the user, or set in SaberisConnect default settings. Have your administrator verify that Rule for Selling Price is set to "Use factored pricing from data".