Vendor Partners

Vendor Partners are vendors that are participating is a joint effort to improve the work flow process and to eliminate human intervention in that process.
 Kitchen Cabinet:  As of September 2017, Saberis has two Prime Partners in the Kitchen Cabinet industry. Prime Partners must have Saberis compliant catalogs. Any cabinet maufacture can easily add.
  Masco: Both the Merillat and Quality brands have the three main Saberis requests in their 2020 Catalogs.

  1. Attachment removal code - Allows SaberiConnect to not roll-up attachments to their parent if it is a not installed item.

  2. Global Option Text Labels. - Will Allows SaberisConnect to send meaningfull option labels in the data. Example: Construction= Plywood Ends. instead of the 2020 generated Premium= Plywood Ends.

  3. Codes and sequence numbers so Saberis can build a Global String.- This can be used to better identify an item since all the options will be defined in a string. It can also be used to map EDi/FTP orders with the necessary option values.

Master Brand Cabinets (MBCI): This new partner has commited to adding the required infoemation in their Spring 2018 catalog releases.

If you are a Cabinet Manufactuer or Distributor who wants to work with us to help your dealers, please Contact us

Windows & Doors:These partners are supportive in improving their data and helping Saberis support our mutual customers. They also help promote the integration concept.