REEB Stealth Process

This section will show the step-by-step process to get the data from the quote/order system processed without downloading and uploading the XML document.

This step-by-step instructions will show you how to use the REEB 2g stealth process.
  1. Bring up the  quote in Reeb 2g.

  2. For any valid 2g project access the Project Actions menu and select Local Submit.

  3. TIP    Contact your Reeb Sales Manager to notify them that you would like to enable Saberis Stealth in the 2g system.

  4. Click on Local Submit.

  5. The 2g system will return the Submit Results.

  6. If the results are successful your processed 2g project file will be waiting for you in your Saberis Connect Processed Documents list or, in the case you are directly connected to your ERP/POS system, your processed project file will be waiting for you in your ERP/POS system ready to be applied or imported.