OrePac Development Module Settings

  1. Export Filename Source: The file name can consist of up to 4 variables. The default is shown below with:
    • User Name
    • Export Default Name (Default is OREPAC)
    • Project Name
    • Date plus time (EX: 20170308 plus 1127)

  2. You can delete any of the variables or change their order. I

    The string with the variable names will be replaced in the near future with check box options.

    Please see your specific  ERP/POS system for more suggestions.  

  1. Export Default Name: This can be anything you want. 
  2. Export Filename Extension Setting: This is used for the Catalyst/Falcon system where the import list can be filtered using a different extension for each Vendor Module.     

  3. Use Customer Number: This is not needed by most ERP systems. BisTrack does use a customer number. The default can be set in BisTrack and therefore no customer number is needed from Saberis. This module option is going to disappear by late 2020. If you need a customer number for your ERP system, like BisTrack , then use the location feature. With this feature you can set a different default customer number for each location or branch. 

  4. Sales Type: This is used by the BisTrack ERP System. By default, BisTrack creates a new sales order. If you want BisTrack to create a new Quote instead, then set this to quote.

  5. Default SKU: This is needed by SaberisConnect, otherwise you will get all comment lines. Most systems will apply their own unique "special order" SKU.

  6. Phrase Mapping: This is highly recommended. It can reduce the description by at least 50%. It is basically a "find and replace" tool. See the Phrase Mapping instructions. Once you do this mapping, all orders will be processed using the mapping data you entered.

  7. Use Pricing Cost Factor: This is not needed for the OrePac Module since you will get Cost Price sent to your ERP if you set your factor in OrePac.

  8. Rule for Selling Price: This is set to "Use factored pricing from data". This assumes that you use Orepac to set your customers selling price. If so, Saberis will send the selling price to the ERP.