Jeld-Wen Export Process

This section will show the step-by-step process to get the data from the Jeld-Wen Quick Quote system to a folder where you can upload it to SaberisConnect.

TIP  If you have more than one catalog in the quote, SaberisConnect will only process one of the catalogs. You will have to create separate quotes for each catalog.

The Export process is a five step process:
  1. Highlight the order in Jeld-Wen Quick Quote.

  2. Click on the File Menu command. 

  3. Select the Export Quote command.

  4. Now select the Export File command.  Either one will work.

  5. When the Export Wizard appears, select "File - Export selected items to a file on disk" as shown below.

    It is recommended that you save to an easy to find folder such as C:\VendorSaberisData\.
    Now click on the Export As button.  The exported file will always be the same name and will be something like epcXXX.qqe where XXX is the user's Quick Quote ID.

Now go to your account in SaberisConnect to complete the task.