Installing an XpressPOS Module

Saberis will email the download URL for your required Module(s). To install it, follow the steps below.

Warning: If your internet browser is set differently, which is the case for Chrome, you may get different forms appearing or no option to "Save As". If you do, the file has probably been saved by default to the "Downloads" folder. If so, you must move or copy the file to the ..\Saberis\Updates\ folder.

  1. Click on the URL and the following form will appear. You MUST save this file.

  2. The file must be saved in the Updates folder under the Saberis folder. So for the default path installation, that would be in:

    C:\Program Files\Saberis\Updates\

    This is a zip file. There is no need to extract the files to the Updates folder. The Saberis Update Manager will do that. (The Save As form below is from Vista).

    This folder can contain multiple zip files for all the Modules being installed along with the Export Format zip file.


  1. The download is very quick because the file is only a few kilobytes. Now Close the form below.


After the Module(s) and Export Format Zip files have been saved to the Updates folder, run the Options & Settings form from the All Programs menu. This will initiate the Update process to install all the files in the Updates folder.