Saberis Support

The set-up is a standard Install Shield program. It is meant for new installations, not updates. Updates are done through the Saberis Update Manager.

  1. After downloading the XpressPOS set-up from the Saberis Server, run it from the download form, or from the location on your computer where it was saved to.

  2. If you get the following message, then XpressPOS has already been installed on the computer: 

    To update your version, you may use the Update Button under Utilities in the Options & Settings form (See  Start, All Programs, Saberis XpressPOS 2006). If you are unable to update your present version, please contact Saberis Support with your XpressPOS version number and we will make sure you get updated.

    If you still wish to re-install from the beginning, then you will have to use the Windows Control Panel feature, Add/Remove. After the earlier XpressPOS is removed, you can then use the XpressPOS set-up program.

  3. The Install Shield Wizard is fairly standard. Click Next.

  4. If the Program Maintenance form appears, please set it to remove, and click next. This download requires that previous versions be removed as stated above in step 2. 

    Then, start the process over again from the top of this page.

  5. Fill in your name and company name. For most operations you would leave the "Anyone ...." selection set.

    Click on Next.

  6. XpressPOS can be installed on any drive and in any folder. It is recommended that it be installed in the default C:\Program Files\Saberis folder.

    Click on Next.

  7. Check the information and if it is not what you want, go Back, otherwise, click on Install.

  8. After the installation is completed, you can launch the program by selecting Finish. If this is an evaluation, you may want to remove the check in the launch box until you are ready to start serious evaluation testing. The evaluation period starts with the first running of XpressPOS.

The launching of XpressPOS will bring up the Options and Settings form. Before you can make any settings, you must install at least one Module and the Export format for your particular system.

For instructions on installing a module, please see Help installing an XpressPOS Module