XpressPOS General Settings

The General Page Indicates the Version, Build Date, Install Path, and License Information

General Settings: 


License Information: When XpressPOS first runs, the user is asked to read and accept the Saberis EULA agreement.

The license information box indicates that the product is not licensed and that there are 45 days remaining before the product has to be registered.


XpressPOS is fully operational for this period. When asked, you can register "Later".


When the time comes to register, just click on the Register button.



Fill in the User or Computer name, along with the Company name and Store Location name. Please use the Company name that appeared on the purchase order for the software.


The client code and reference number is filled in by the XpressPOS program. Each machine will have a different code.


Click on the Email button to send the information to the Saberis Registration desk. We endeavor to get the code back to you within 1 hour, but it could take 24 hours.

If you are at a remote site and need it right away, please call 800-387-7963 Ext.1 for support.


When you receive the code, open this registration form and just copy it into the "Code supplied by Saberis" box.



Store number and Sales Person are not necessary unless you want them added to the export file name. This is covered in the Module support pages.