Document List

This list shows all the documents (Quote/Order files) processed, with the latest at the top It is a never ending log.

The only actions a user needs to take here are:

  • Click on "Process New Document" in order to start the Upload process for the next Quote/Order. See Document Processing for more details.

  • Click on "Processed File" to download the file to import into the main POS/ERP system. This will not be necessary for Epicor's Bistrack that "pulls" down the Saberis documents automatically, or if you are using the Saberis FTP function (you will need a FTP server setup for this). Please see  POS/ERP Systems.for more details.

If an API Adaptor is in used, and extra column appears, "Export Status". This indicates if the transfer of the document to the ERP API or FTP server was sucessfull.