Admin Setup Training for 2020 Designs integration

There is no significant Saberis training required for users of 2020 Designs going to ERP system. If the time is taken by the administrator(s) the users just need to "Click and Go" from 2020 Designs to the ERP system.

This set of Videos will cover all topics from 2020 itself to Saberis to your ERP system (ex. Epicor BisTrack). 

Video Topics

  1. Introduction  2:35 Minutes 
    This video shows the user process from 2020 to BisTrack.

  2. Preparation  5:42 Minutes 
    This video covers the following:
    1. Requesting a Saberis Account
    2. 2020 Designs Versions
    3. 2020 Designs Application Integration License
    4. Saberis Export app download for 2020 Designs
    5. BisTrack Module Setup

  3. Kitchen Settings  9:40 Minutes
    We discuss the Kitchen settings available in SaberisConnect for 2020 Designs integration and what they mean.

  4. Pricing Methods  6:21 Minutes
    We review the methods for setting cost and selling values in the integration between 2020 Designs, SaberisConnect and your ERP system

  5. Catalog Mapping  11:05 Minutes
    This covers the important setup to link your 2020 Designs catalogs with catalog names in SaberisConnect. This can be used to represent your product lines.

  6. Description Settings 5:56 Minutes
    These settings determine what to include or exclude from the descriptons sent by 2020 Designs.

  7. Attachments  3:33 Minutes
    These settings control how we handle attachments in the integration process.

  8. 2020 Catalog Enhancements - COMING SOON
    1. Attachment Removal Code - 2020 Catalog Enhancements
    2. Promotionals

  9. Tips - COMING SOON

Here is the link to the User Training Video for your Kitchen Designers