A Cloud Integration Service

Is your company fed up with the hassel of installing and implemeting software on Desktops or on-premise servers?  Is Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 causing implementation problems? Not looking forward to Windows Server 2016?

Are you running, or planning to run Thin Clients or Published Desktops?

Do you want your designers and sales people to start integrating without major IT involvement?

You need SaberisConnect!

3 simple steps, and seconds later your complete quote or order is ready for importing into your Point-of-Sale/ERP system.

Upload Order

To upload a new quote or order document to the SaberisConnect server, just select the Module (Vendor), and choose the file from a folder on your computer or network.

Process Tasks

To process the document, click on "Process Document" and in a few seconds the document is processed and the file is ready for you.

Download File

Just click on the "Processed File" and save the file in the designated folder on your computer or Network. Even better, if you have an FTP server, use the SaberisConnect FTP transfer feature. If you are a BisTrack user, no need to do anything. The order will automatically be downloaded to the eBrowser.