To download the XpressPOS Basic program or "engine" from the Saberis server:

  1. Click on the URL link provided in the email, and follow the instructions below.

  2. Select the Save button

  1. In the Save As window, select the desktop, or a folder to save the file to. If you are installing on multiple computers, you may want to consider saving the file to the company server in order to have access to it from the other machines.

    Warning: If your internet browser is set differently, which is the case for Chrome, you may get different forms appearing or no option to "Save AS". If you do, the file has probably been saved by default to the "Downloads" folder. If so, you can run it from there.

    There may be the downloaded file indicated at the bottom left of the browser window. Click on it to run the installation program.

  2. After the download is completed, click on Run.

  3. You may get the warning shown below. If so, click on Run.